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    (In development) Submission Bee is a submission management system for independent publishers who accept stories and articles from authors via an online form. Request a beta code if you’re interested.

    (In development) Talefabric is a storytelling engine that lets you tell interactive D20-based stories and publish them as mobile apps. See a demo.

    Existence Simulator is a relaxing (?) clicker game you can play in your browser. Play online for free or tinker with the source code.

    Campfire is a proof-of-concept compiler in Rust that allows you to turn your ideas into interactive, dynamic web content. Tinker with the source code & demo.

    Tinymd is a rudimentary markdown compiler that you write from scratch in my book Getting Started with Rust. Tinker with the source code.

    Proton Reader is a free online speculative science fiction magazine that I publish with my wife. Read the stories online for free. New issues come out as time permits.

    Getting Started with Rust is a gentle introduction to the Rust programming language through the implementation of a rudimentary compiler. Read online for free.

    Data Science in Higher Education is a gentle introduction to machine learning techniques with the R statistical programming language. Buy the paperback on Amazon. Datasets to follow along can be found here.

    Nights is a soundtrack for the OST Composition Jam. Listen online.

    Game Soundtracks is an EP of indie game music composition. Listen online.

    Approaching Lagrange is an EP of downtempo sonic exploration. Listen online.

    I Got Lost is a song I wrote for my wife. Listen on Spotify.

    Good distributed tools will create systems that work together to abstract the under-the-hood stuff.

    Bad distributed tools will create dependencies that can be monetized.