About Me

The TL;DR Version

  • Writer/Storyteller (22ish years)
  • Musician (20ish years)
  • Software/Game Programmer (18ish years)
  • Full-Stack Web Developer (8ish years)
  • Concept and 3D Artist (2ish years)

The Long Version

I’m Jesse, and I like telling stories.

My favorite way to tell stories is through video games. I’ve been writing games on and off for the past 18 years as a passionate hobby. Most of my time has been spent learning and keeping up with technology, which is why I really only have one successful title under my belt. That and I have been writing books, doing technical editing for a major publishing house, and working full-time–first as a Marine, then as a small business owner, and then in public education.

I have probably two dozen failed projects in various states of done-ness that I’ve left behind over the years. In 2017, I got serious about a first-person game I had been designing for about two years, and since have committed myself to finishing it. I’m excited to track its progress here on my site.

I try to make a new post at least every other weekend, documenting new progress I’ve made toward shipping the game I’m currently working on. I tend to work by myself, which means I do everything: concept art, design, programming, modeling, texturing, animating, and production. This is really fun, and is like being five artists in one–but it does take a long time. I like to post updates on this blog because it helps to give me a sense of completion as I get mired in the details and frustrations of the day-to-day grind that is game development.

I hope my journey is a fun one for you to follow.