I’m Jesse–a dad, husband, scientist, storyteller, musician, runner, and full-stack developer.

I write and publish science fiction. Check me out on Amazon.com! I’m working on the second book of an epic space opera called Burrow and an underwater scifi thriller.

I compose music. Check me out on Spotify and listen for free.

I specialize in business intelligence and process analysis–specifically, the warehousing, mining, and interpretation of data for decision-making purposes. This includes systems design, full-stack development, and intelligence analysis & reporting.

I research multi-agent systems, including computational cognition and intelligence. (Think machine learning applied to evolutionary biology on a microscopic scale).

I’m a servant-style leadership with full-stack proficiencies. I thrive in distributed work environments. With my strong technical chops in a variety of both server-side and web-friendly languages–coupled with my entrepreneurial experience–I can speak fluently to DBAs, programmers, marketers, and decision-makers.

I have a strong technical background. I’ve shipped successful products written in C/C++, PHP, Java, Python, Ruby, JavaScript, and Bash, and have developed with Laravel, Slim, WordPress, Drupal, Moodle, Sakai, and Canvas. Much of my AI work is in ANSI C and/or JavaScript. My past jobs include data scientist, programmer, technical editor, instructor, business analyst, military intelligence analyst, and technology consultant.

I’m an expert technical writer. My introductory machine-learning book Data Science in Higher Education illustrates the way I use mutable, narrative-style prose to convey complex topics in ways that general audiences (and even specialized ones) can quickly digest and understand. You can also get a feel for my writing style by reading through some of my research write-ups on this site.

I’m a champion of open source software. My mission in life is to write code, tutorials, and tools that inspire people much more talented than I am to push the bounds of what we know and can do. Please connect with me on GitHub or Twittter and let’s see what we can make together!

I write science fiction, too. I have a set of stories I’m working on that take place in a distant future after humanity is split between two Parallel unviverses. (See the “Books” page for more.) Tangled in between the free time I don’t have, I’m also working on a thriller about a sentient cephalopod and a detective-style futuristic “Sherlock” clone.