I’m Jesse, and I write games and tools and fiction and music. I get very interested in a lot of different things–usually at the same time.

Completed Projects

Year What Title Role
2017 Music Approaching Langrange EP Composer
2017 Music Photorealistic Sketches EP Composer
2017 Book Nginx 1.9 Cookbook Technical Reviewer
2016 Tool/Scripts Sharepoint Sheriff Author
2016 Book Nginx Essentials Technical Reviewer
2016 Game Gravity Grid Designer/Developer
2016 Book Burrow: A Novel Author
2015 Book Data Science in Higher Education Author
2014 Tool/Scripts Easy Author Image for WordPress Author
2013 Book The Psychology of Exploitation Author

Higher Education

I have written a lot about higher education leadership and management, and have been asked to take down all the articles I have published because we’re working on compiling it all in an exciting new book! Stay tuned!

Systems Administration

I used to write a lot about technology, development, and systems administration, but not anymore. I do have all that archived on my old GitHub site.