About Me

Short Bio

Jesse was born in and (mostly) raised in California. He served eight years in the Marines while freelancing as a software engineer and musician, then left the military for a career in writing and public education. He loves writing about being human, creativity, culture, and society. Both his non-fiction and fiction holds a critical lens to society’s technological solutions to human problems.

His recent work includes: EVOLVED, a technothriller; BLANK PAGE, an audio drama and quarter finalist in the 2018 Austin Film Festival’s Fiction Podcast competition; DATA SCIENCE IN HIGHER EDUCATION, an Amazon bestseller.

Fiction Credits

  • BLANK PAGE (writer)
    A fiction podcast
    – Quarter Finalist at the 2018 Austin Film Festival
  • EVOLVED (author) (link)
    – A fiction novel
    – An archaeologist enlisted by Homeland Security to extract self-repairing DNA from a tooth fossil discovers a dark secret haunting the underwater lab that begins collapsing all around her.
  • BURROW (author) (link)
    – A fiction novel
    – Two parallel universes are dragged back into war as a merciless general uses secret technology, assassination, and terrorism to survive.

Non-fiction Credits

  • COPING WITH CREATIVITY (writer & producer) (link)
    – A podcast about coping with that unrelenting need to create, self-imposed pressures, actually succeeding, and everything in between.
    – Bestselling book introducing predictive analytics to researchers in higher education.

Screen Credits

Here’s a fun fact: I shot some bad guys in Season 5 of the show 24. Here I am pew-pewing: