We saved HigherEd $3,005,292 in 2015.

By providing tools for strategic planning and free alternatives to software used in higher education, dozens of institutions across the country were able to invest hundreds of thousands of dollars more in their students.

A Force Multiplier for Higher Education

At LAWSONRY, our mission is to produce and publish tools for public institutions that are 100% free to use and distribute forever. By addressing the challenges of research, planning, and institutional effectiveness, our efforts help colleges and universities evolve toward a culture of strategic intelligence.

Analyics Readiness Assessment

An easy-to-follow tool for institutional planners and strategists looking to ensure their institutions is ready to capitalize on an investment in analytics.

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Guided Pathways Toolkit

A simple and free guide to getting your #1 source of information for your students updated with relevant, structured, and effective information.  Increase enrollments!  Increase self-advisement!  Empower your students with the knowledge they need to make better choices for the future.

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SLO Cloud

An open source SLO reporting and assessment tool written in JavaScript and HTML. Designed to work with a server-side engine, colleges have customized this to work with Colleague, Banner, PeopleSoft, CurricuNET, and even homegrown systems.

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Higher Education Evolved

We are aiming to evolve the landscape of technology in higher education in the following ways:

  • Empower decision-makers with good intelligence. We publish tools that drive institutional effectiveness and planning from a People-first perspective.
  • Engage technology teams with open-source initiatives. We collaborate with other technology teams to build, deploy, and share open-source tools in the higher education community through our Open Innovation in Higher Education™ program.
  • Publish and disseminate research, best practices, and lessons learned. We are in the trenches alongside every public institution in America, using the same tools to generate the same information that drive college operations. Our difference is in promoting automation, strategic collaboration, and institutional evolution.