December 22
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October 10

I recently attended a conference for student success in Coast Mesa, CA, where I was presenting the SLO Cloud system that I engineered with Aeron Zentner. While there, I spoke about an alarming gap in technological community among higher education programmers, technology professionals, and other systems-based professionals. A room full of nodding heads gave some strength to a concept that I had been thinking about for quite some time, and that is an open-source community for innovation in higher education.

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September 6

Today we’re going to talk about a Linear Regression method called “Least Squares” and go over model-fitting. Often when working in predictive analytics you’ll come across the phrase “fitting the model.” When we talk about a model, we mean to say an algorithm that can be deployed against a dataset. Fitting that model simply means finding the values of whatever variables are on the right side of the function.

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September 5

One of my goals with my dissertation is to clearly articulate what it is that data scientist does in higher education. Since there are so many definitions of what data science, analytics, intelligence, forecasting, prediction, et al. really are, I’m consolidating my experience with needs assessments from a variety of institutional profiles and creating one end-all-be-all definition of a data scientist in higher education.

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August 30

Pointers were originally meant to make more efficient the programs that were being written way back when 128kb were all the memory you got on your hard drive. These days we get so caught up in higher-level languages that we often take for granted the things that we had to worry about back when we were compiling C code on our Borland C 5.0 compilers (nostalgia, anyone?)

The modern programmer rarely worries about pointers if they’re working on any modern machine framework, and if they do, it’s usually as a way to make programs hyper efficient. Fortunately for the same of instruction, I can think of another reason to keep pointers in your back pocket, and that is in the case of huge variables.

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August 30
June 3

Recently I discovered something about the way Foundation calls JQuery. I was trying to get a function to reveal a div on window scroll and discovered that you only have to change the syntax for the function call to get it to work.

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May 28

WordPress provides a web interface for manipulating a MySQL database, but the static nature of WP’s php files disables its ability to serve itself as a Single Page Application (SPA). To capitalize on modern web technologies, AngularJS could be employed as a front-end system that draws from a MySQL backend that is modified by WordPress.

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