AngularJS: Include Header and Footer (the right way)

If you’re using ng-include and your partials aren’t showing up, you probably forgot that the location of your partial needs to be encapsulated in both double quotes and single quotes. Instead of this:

You need to have this:

This reason this works and the way you’ve been doing it does not because ng-include […]

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Getting Started with Node.js on Windows

Warning: you’re about to install node.js and an http server in less than twenty seconds. The future of web development lies in technologies like Node.js. For those of us stuck on Windows and developing for tomorrow’s bleeding-edge content consumers, I’d like to walk you through a very simple setup that I went through in order […]

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Backup WordPress on Remote Server to S3

Let’s talk about backups. When you are running your own WordPress hosting service, you need to ensure that your sites are backed up nightly. Unfortunately, the more sites you have on your server, the more processing power is required to do these backups, especially if there have been a lot of changes during the day. […]

How to Install s3cmd on Ubuntu

We use s3cmd to communicate with our backup servers and some of our development environments. Setting it up couldn’t be easier.

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Restrict SFTP User to their Sites Directory (not just their Home Directory)

If you want to give your web hosting clients SFTP access to specific directories (probably their sites, right?) while keeping them chrooted (jailed) into their home directory, then read on.

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What do malicious log entries look like?

A good server admin will be scrubbing her logs constantly. Whether you do this automatically or by hand, there is one thing that is a sure sign of malicious behavior: the ol’ “they forgot to delete that file” trick.

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A look at the future: Intel on the Internet of Things

Intelligence Systems Framework and other keywords will become mainstream in the next six years. Too close to SkyNet? For me, it seems like a logical progression but I’m still a little wary of data being collected on anything and everything. This video is a short introduction to Intel’s take on the Internet of Things and […]

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Monty Python Lorem Ipsum Generator

… And Doctor Who, Futurama, and more! Check out this fun tool next time you’re looking for some dummy content. Want an example?

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Who is paying for all that Spam Traffic?

Have you ever logged in to your WordPress dashboard and saw tens of thousands of spam comments in your queue? Ever wondered whose paying for all that traffic to come to your site? If you’re on a managed hosting setup, then the cost of serving your site to all this garbage traffic is most likely […]

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Reset MySQL Root Password on Ubuntu

Do you know why there are so many tutorials online about resetting the MySQL root password? Because so many people are doing it wrong. This is a down-and-dirty, super quick way to reset your root password for MySQL.

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