Gravity Grid

Grav­i­ty Grid is a fun, num­bers-ori­ent­ed puz­zle game for Android smart­phones.

In Grav­i­ty Grid, you alter the grav­i­ty of plan­e­tary sys­tems by mov­ing plan­ets around a 7×7 grid. Each tile in the grid has a grav­i­ty score, and the val­ue of each tile increas­es accord­ing to its prox­im­i­ty to the cen­ter. Each lev­el will present a plan­e­tary sys­tem that is out of align­ment. Your mis­sion is to move the plan­ets so that their total score equals the nec­es­sary grav­i­ty score for that sys­tem. If you like puz­zle games that involve sim­ple mechan­ics and math, then you’ll love play­ing Grav­i­ty Grid!

Get Gravity Grid for free on Google Play

  • No in-app pur­chas­es!
  • No inter­sti­tial or video ads!
  • Hun­dreds of lev­els grouped into galax­ies of 25 plan­e­tary sys­tems!

About Grav­i­ty Grid

Solve the puz­zle, save the uni­verse! In the near future, the uni­verse will col­lapse after an ultra­star implodes and grav­i­ty rip­ples tear through every­thing we know and love! Only you, armed with the Grav­i­ty Grid device–a smart­phone app that is actu­al­ly a nan­odi­men­sion­al worm­hole manipulator!–can save the known uni­verse by realign­ing the grav­i­ty grids of dis­tance star sys­tems so that the grav­i­ty rip­ples are con­tained.

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