Blank Page Podcast

Blank Page is an audio drama that has been submitted to the 2018 Austin Film Festival’s Fiction Podcast competition. Stay tuned!


Dr. Brandon Warner walked into a law firm and said he’s been getting paid under the table to push opioids from a specific pharmaceutical company. He would have gone to the police, but, according to him, they’re in on the whole thing. 

Matthew Page’s first job after passing the bar was easy enough: interview a woman from the pharmaceutical company as part of a foll0w-up to Dr. Warner’s allegations. 

When Dr. Warner didn’t show up for an appointment at the firm, Matt decided to check in on him at his house. 

That’s when he found the body.

The local police now have Matt in their sights as a suspect for Warner’s murder, but his biggest problem has only just started: 

someone is framing him for Warner’s murder.



Blank Page was originally going to be a self-produced show, but early April, 2018, I decided to submit it to the Austin Film Festival. That means I can’t produce the show until October 2018, giving the AFF enough time to give me first place. 😀


As of May 5th, the whole synopsis and three episodes has been submitted to the Austin Film Festival. I’ll update this page in October when I win!