2018 is the year of the audio drama, so be on the lookout for more exciting creations!

I write words.

I make music.

I write software and tools.

  • Gravity Grid, a 2d mobile puzzle game
    Written in Java using LibGDX and Android SDK 
  • Text Engine, an asset for game developers
    Written in C# for Unity3D 
  • Easy Author Image, a plugin for WordPress
    Written in PHP and WordPress 
  • Sharepoint Sheriff, a toolset for managing SharePoint Online
    Written in PowerShell. 
  • Litreon, an online publishing platform for crowdfunded storytellers
    Written in Node, Express, and VueJS.
  • There’s also my GitHub.

I do technical editing.

  • Nginx Essentials
  • Nginx Cookbook

I love breakfast food.