Unity vs Unreal Fees – When does it matter?

Game developers interested in Unity and Unreal will often ask about pricing. Both engines have paid tiers, with very specific caveats--and considerations for those of us interested in comparing the two from a price perspective. Unreal Engine requires you to pay 5% of your gross revenue beyond $3,000 per quarter. That means you can make Continue reading →

How to Install Godot with C# Support on Windows

To get started developing Godot in C# on Windows, you'll need to setup your workstation. By the end of this tutorial, you will: Download and install the Mono SDKDownload and install Godot(optional) Download and install Visual Studio Code, and Install the C# ExtensionInstall the .NET SDK (optional) Configure Godot to use an external editor Let's Continue reading →

Respecting my Readers and Killing Opportunity

I don't like mailing lists. I don't want to send blasts of information to people who follow me, because if they wanted to know what I was doing they could just check on my blog. This, as you may know, is not very good business practice. This, as you are fully aware, is going to kill Continue reading →

Alcohol, Drugs, and Creativity

If you want to benefit from things that alter consciousness, you have to put in the work on yourself. You have to create a foundation for self-reflection and confidence before you can use tools that enhance your openness to new experiences.

Fluid Typography Examples for Beautiful Mobile Reading Experiences

One of my projects I'm working on, in addition to crowdfunded storytelling, is a platform to connect other crowd-funded storytellers with readers. One of the principal components of this platform is the ability to read stories on your mobile device in a way that is aesthetically pleasing to the eye. In this article, I'm sharing Continue reading →