Dealing with Distractions as a Writer

I have had a problem since I started writing seriously in high school, and that problem is called computers.

EReader News Today One-Day Campaign Results

On January 15th I put out a one-day campaign for a discounted book deal through EReader News Today. The results? Good enough to want to do it again. Today is the tenth day after the January 15th promotion of Evolved. The purpose of this promotion was to test out strategies for broadcasting the series to Continue reading →

A “Coping with Creativity” Podcast Update

I am still working on the next episode of Coping with Creativity, a podcast project of mine that was part of a self-therapy regimen I prescribed to myself, but not in the way that everyone expected. I really like audio work. Music is very natural to me, and self-expression through the auditory senses is a Continue reading →

The Fortunate from the #CampFire

Many people have been spared from the #CampFire that has scorched Paradise in Northern California. But far more have lost everything. Northern California has had quite a punch in the face with this Camp Fire burning seemingly unabated through Paradise. I live in the sister town of Chico, and was evacuated the other day about Continue reading →