Every project is different, and every creative director has their own bold vision for how they want things to be. As a dynamic artist first, I strive to be open, honest, and transparent about the work I provide to bring everything in your project to life.

More importantly, I maintain a healthy degree of malleability for you to ensure that your creative vision is followed. 

My only agenda is for you to get exactly what you’re looking for.


  • Character Voice Acting. I love bringing characters to life with multiple takes so you can finely tune how you want your cast portrayed.
  • Soundtrack Composition. Music is so fundamental to a project’s attitude and reception. Together, we’ll work on how specific sounds can convey the emotions you want the player to feel.
  • Ambient Immersion Soundtracks. A lot of games use looped fragments of a whole soundtrack to sculpt out immersive ambience specific to where the player is and what they’re doing. These loops are stitchable; you can end one and immediately begin another one, creating a unique soundtrack around a specific player’s choices.

Getting Started

Please use one of the following methods to get a hold of me:

  • Twitter
  • Email (jesse at lawsonry dot com)
  • The form below: