Focusing on Intelligence Research

I’m stepping back from my leadership and higher education research to focus on a passion of mine: multi-agent systems research.

Lawsonry has always been a hub for my projects, including my Music, my Fiction, my Non-Fiction, and everything in between. Recently I have had an opportunity to take a step back and really analyze what it is I want this site to be for me, and as it has gone since I started it in 2010, here we are with yet another look.

I like it this way. Not this particular look or feel; I like that keeps changing. I think change is fundamental to the human condition, and is something that we all can use in our lives. After all, nothing is as absolute in our lives as the concept of change.

Without getting too philosophical, this site is changing and you’re all going to come along for the ride. Welcome. It’s nothing really new, it’s just a bit more philosophically aesthetic. I enjoy minimalism and I enjoy inquisitive exploration, and those are not going away. What has gone away is my CMS.

So here’s what’s going on: I’m not going to be writing too much about leadership anymore. Not here, anyway. Instead, I’d like to focus more on the technical things that I work on. Specifically, I’d like Lawsonry to serve as the hub for my applied research in computation evolutionary biology, artificial intelligence, and data science.

Everything is changing (and remember, that’s a good thing) and I look forward to how this will all evolve.