No technology is as dangerous to humanity as the things that make us human.

The Series Premiere!

After the Parallel War, the remnants of humanity are scattered between two universes. When the only way to travel between them becomes obsolete through the discovery of a new, instantaneous travel technology, plans to unite the human race quickly dissolve into personal plots of revenge that have drastic consequences for the entire human race.

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The Second Book in the BURROW Series!

Book two in the BURROW universe is under active development. Stay tuned!


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A tooth found inside a dead fisherman’s skull is genetically identical to one found in a 100,000 year old Neanderthal skull, and both exhibit regenerative properties. When experts are brought to an underwater research facility by a secret branch of Homeland Security to study the fossils, one of them is found ripped apart and eaten alive. And that’s just the first day.