“With a clever mix of science, horror, medical, geopolitical and science fiction themes, this book really draws the reader in. I couldn’t put it down. A fast read that, even with the twists and turns, gets you to the climax quickly.”– One of many 5-star reviews on Amazon

There’s something in the water.

While struggling to pay her bills as a part-time archaeology instructor, Dr. Lexa Rogers is approached by Homeland Security to join a top secret team that investigates fringe international security threats. They want her because of her academic expertise in tooth fossils–and her experience as a counterintelligence Marine.

The Special Projects and Intelligence Division Emergency Response team, or SPIDER, sends her to a lab at the bottom of the Tyrrhenian Sea to help investigate a 100,000-year old self-repairing tooth fossil–which, as it turns out, is part of a military research project for near-perfect camouflage.

But not all is what it seems, which is why Lexa is sent there not only to help the research, but also to ensure the data for the project is preserved.

At all costs.

As Lexa works alongside experts in biology and genetics, she quickly discovers that there’s more than just secrets to hide.

After losing contact with half of the crew, it becomes clear that something in the water is hunting them.

If Lexa is going to survive, she will have to abandon her analytical mind and return to her primal roots, ultimately arriving at the crossroads between morality and the instinct for survival.

When reduced to primal instincts, how far will you go to survive?


EVOLVED is the first book of the Special Projects and Intelligence Division Emergency Response (SPIDER) series. SPIDER was created by the Department of Homeland Security as a countermeasure to the growing presence of fringe international security threats, and the series follows former Marine and archaeologist Lexa Rogers as she is rapidly propelled into her role as an agent on the team. 



If you enjoy edge of your seat suspense then this is definitely the book for you.” —Mindyg123

“I have always found books that didn’t show you the monster more scary than the ones that did. This book had me on the edge of my seat the whole time; not only can you not see what is out to get you the fact that it takes place Miles under water makes it a million times more chilling. I loved this book and could not put it down… I think you will find that some of the best characters aren’t even human. If you like Meg or the Abyss you will enjoy this book.” —Tricia Schiro

“… EVOLVED is beyond good: it is exceptional. I tend to be a fan of cephalopods as a Lovecraftian (though 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea certainly scared me as a child), and I got to learn a lot about the species while reading EVOLVED. From the terrifying reader’s hook right through, the novel rings a lot of my “must-have” bells and gave me a lot of characters from whom to choose where to place my empathy. Plus, I loved the science. All win all the way–can’t wait for the next in series.”—Mallory Haws

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EVOLVED is available exclusively on Amazon ($0.99) and Kindle Unlimited.