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I write and edit technical publications for a living. I also serve as a technical reviewer for PacktPub titles. On top of all this, I write science fiction (because why not).

Year Title Role
2017 Nginx 1.9 Cookbook Technical Reviewer
2016 Nginx Essentials Technical Reviewer
2016 Burrow (Science Fiction novel) Author
2015 Data Science in Higher Education Author

Nginx 1.9 Cookbook

“Concise and to the point.

“Get real smart on Nginx real fast.”

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Nginx Essentials

Learn how to set up, configure, and operate an Nginx installation for day-to-day use

Explore the vast features of Nginx to manage it like a pro, and use them successfully to run your website

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Burrow (Part I of The Parallel Story)

“Compelling writing… an old-fashioned sci-fi thriller”

“A fast-paced plot that grabs you and doesn’t let go!”

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Data Science in Higher Education

“Buy this book for your analysts. They and your college will thank you.”

“This is just what we needed: real stories, real problems, and real solutions!”

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