Easy JavaScript testing for CodePen

Looking to do test-driven development in CodePen? Consider TaoJS! Tao is a very tiny testing tool that’s perfect for places like CodePen. Using it is as easy as 1-2-3! Add the CDN to your external scripts Put <div id=”tao”></div> at the bottom of your HTML Write your tests in your JS editor! Add the CDN to […]

Respecting my Readers and Killing Opportunity

I don’t like mailing lists. I don’t want to send blasts of information to people who follow me, because if they wanted to know what I was doing they could just check on my blog. This, as you may know, is not very good business practice. This, as you are fully aware, is going to kill […]

Evolved is set for a Fall release!

Great news! Evolved is now in the pipe for a Fall release. It’s been a whirlwind of emotions trying to sink my teeth into the story and kick the reader in the gut as many times as possible, but after listening to some feedback from a trusted source, it looks like the story does a […]

Back to Long-Form Fiction

This weekend is wrapping up on a very good note: I finished my Austin Film Festival submission of BLANK PAGE, churning out the series synopsis in a whole day of writing and getting both it and the pack of three episodes at exactly 75 pages. In a way it’s like a whole chapter of my life […]

Podcasting, the Austin Film Festival, and Patreon Rewards

A while ago I was talking on Twitter about starting up a podcast for creators about the psychology of needing to create–and how to cope with all the things that come with being a creator, like self-doubt, motivation, actually succeeding, and everything between. That podcast is called Coping with Creativity, and it has gone live […]

Fluid Typography Examples for Beautiful Mobile Reading Experiences

One of my projects I’m working on, in addition to crowdfunded storytelling, is a platform to connect other crowd-funded storytellers with readers. One of the principal components of this platform is the ability to read stories on your mobile device in a way that is aesthetically pleasing to the eye. In this article, I’m sharing […]

Writers who are software developers

Whenever I talk to a writer who is also a software developer, there will undoubtedly be a point in our conversation where we are both talking about the hours and hours we’ve spent on writing tools for writers instead of actually writing. It’s almost like an inevitable tar that sticks to us and well never […]