A “Coping with Creativity” Podcast Update

I am still working on the next episode of Coping with Creativity, a podcast project of mine that was part of a self-therapy regimen I prescribed to myself, but not in the way that everyone expected.

The Fortunate from the #CampFire

Many people have been spared from the #CampFire that has scorched Paradise in Northern California. But far more have lost everything.

Waystation Echo DevLog #6: Animations and Items

When you first start out it seems like a lot of what you are doing is never going to pay off. Countless times I have sat in exhaustion wondering when I will see some progress on what I am doing; everything goes by so slowly when you are a solo indie developer, that when times…

How to get PNG transparency in your material

If you try to drop a texture containing transparency onto an object, the material that is automatically generated is going to be incorrect. The same thing will happen if you try to create the material from the texture yourself. The reason is because you have to customize the material to understand that it is supposed…

Passing an enum as a function parameter

I’m using Unreal Engine 4.20.2. Here’s how I am successfully passing an enum to a function for use in a TArray. In my Item.h file: UENUM(BlueprintType) //”BlueprintType” is essential to include namespace EInventoryItem { enum Item { Nothing UMETA(DisplayName = “Nothing”), Battery UMETA(DisplayName = “Battery”), Thing UMETA(DisplayName = “Thing”), AnotherThing UMETA(DisplayName = “Another Thing”), RedBadge…