EReader News Today One-Day Campaign Results

On January 15th I put out a one-day campaign for a discounted book deal through EReader News Today. The results? Good enough to want to do it again.

Today is the tenth day after the January 15th promotion of Evolved. The purpose of this promotion was to test out strategies for broadcasting the series to new audiences while working on the second book in the series. I am working on a strong marketing campaign for when book #2 is finished, and one avenue I wanted to explore was EReader News Today.

This company will charge you about $40 to add your book into their categorized newsletters that go out to hundreds of thousands of readers as long as your book is discounted. In my case, I dropped Evolved from $1.99 to $0.99, and setup a campaign for the first available date. In late December when I was configuring all this, the first available date was about two weeks out (Jan 15).

Any good marketing campaign will start off with an ROI analysis. For self-published authors exclusively through Amazon, the revenue streams are 1) ebook sales, and 2) KENP reads. As of writing this, the KENPC rate is about $0.0044, give or take some fractions of pennies. The ebook, on the other hand, nets about $0.3465 per sale.

After 10 days, here’s how many sales I had:

… and here’s how many KENP I had:

ROI Analysis

  • Total invested: $40
  • Net revenue from ebook sales: 74*.3465 = $25.64
  • Net revenue from KENP: 1,540*.0044 = $6.77
  • Net result: (-40)+25.64+6.77 = -$7.59

Technically this campaign has ran in the negative, but that’s only at the 10-day mark. There are some intangibles that I have discovered along the way, due in part to just the exposure from the campaign in general:

  • KENP has steadily risen, which will likely have long-term gains that can’t be measured very well in short time periods
  • Chico Enterprise-Record, my local newspaper, feature Evolved in their Biblio File column, which will itself (hopefully) have some positive outcomes
  • The increase in Amazon store rankings likely helped boost sales now and in the future

I think that if we measure purely on tangibles, this campaign at 10-days is just barely breaking even. If, however, we include the intangibles, I would say that this was a beneficial campaign–especially since this was for the first book of a series that hasn’t been finished yet.

I would recommend eReader News Today for your next marketing campaign. The process was quick and fairly painless, the folks were communicative and helpful, and it was quick and easy to do. Note that I am not affiliated with them in any way, shape, or form; I have no problem telling you to steer far away from companies if their services are garbage.

A follow-up post at the 30-day mark is in order, to see how long that one day of advertising influenced sales in the future.

Update (Jan 27, 2019, 9:00pm):

I’ve got a bunch of reads on some of my other ebooks that I can safely attribute to the newfound attention from the marketing campaign, as well as almost double the KENPs read since writing this blog post.

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