I read somewhere that if we frame things in life as either “problems” or “circumstances,” we will ultimately be a lot happier since we’re not trying to exert effort into changing things we cannot control. That’s definitely what I’ve been working on this week. Also, I have been giving myself permission to work outside of the confines of my writing genre(s) in my quest to discover more about myself and what makes me happy.

This week was half dedicated to getting CAIN to a spot where it can marinade for a while, half dedicated to booting back up EVOLVED. For those who don’t know, Evolved is a story about how researchers found a tooth inside a fisherman’s skull that was genetically identical to a tooth found in the skull of a Neanderthal who lived over 100,000 years ago. A team of experts were brought down to the depths of the ocean to figure out how this is possible, when they suddenly lose contact with one of the other labs. Dun dun dun!

This is my exploration into my Michael Crichton-esque writing style, which is more in line with what I like to read as well. It’s a really fun story and I’m excited to be working on it again.

Anyway, that’s all for this week.


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