It’s been a while since the last update, but with a lot of people discussing problems they were having since updating to WP 3.8, an update to Easy Author Image was in order. As of right now, the plugin has been downloaded 6,445 times, and hopefully with this update, we’ll get up there to 10k in no time.

Big thanks to Chris McBride ( for the following 1.4 updates: Show an empty box when no image uploaded; Display the uploaded image when selected; Display the success message in red; Show a “delete” button to be able to remove the image. A lot of the WP 3.8 problems were in javascript files and functionality, and Chris managed to fix all that.

**UPDATE** Also had to push out a v1.5 to fix a JQuery bug that was found only after 1.4 was pushed to the repo. Oops!

You can download v 1.5 from your Plugins page automagically, or from the WordPress repository.